Going for a haircut

Having a Haircut

City of Melbourne is a bustling metropolis as like any other huge city located across the globe. I have been working here for the past 10 years but could barely find time for myself due to hectic work schedule. As far as the hair is concerned, I always visited the local salon that was in close proximity and it met my requirements since I preferred conventional style however with the arrival of my friend in the city, my life underwent a radical change. He advised me to change my hair style to transform the appearance from vintage to contemporary. I was reluctant to move out of my comfort zone however he insisted me to visit the salon located about 6 km away from my residence. He said the salon would give the best haircut in Melbourne.

As we walked into the salon, I felt that the ambience was quite different from the shop which I frequented near my house for the hair cut. It was relaxing and amazing with scores of hairstylists working on an array of clients to tweak their hair for providing new style. They offered a very high degree of customers care to the clients who are satisfied by their services. I was confused about the selection of the new hair style however our stylist Jane resolved the issue by providing a brochure with the list of styles available to the customers.

I was attracted towards the buzz style hair cut as it appeared to be simple and imparted a corporate and contemporary look to the face. Jane told me that it was also known as the Cesar cut and became very popular among the people but instead of starting with the hair cit she advised me to take care of the scalp.

Due to laziness or lack of time, I was not able to take good care of my hair and it was evident in the dryness as well as the amount of dandruff found on the scalp. Jane advised me to use small amount of shampoo to eliminate impurities from the hair. One of the best suggestions that she gave was to include natural oil for application on the hair. According to her view point, the shampoo should be devoid of sulfates or parabens because they cause damages to the hair and also prolonged irritation to the eyes. When I asked her about the elimination of dryness in the hair, she advised me to use shampoo containing glycerin and collagen.