Demystifying the Technique of Dry Needling

There are many people who think that dry needling is the same as Chinese acupuncture. For them, the technique is as mysterious as Qi and energy forces. Because it is difficult to explain, they no longer want to get such treatments as dry needling for back pain. I am here to demystify the technique of dry needling and hope to encourage more people to try the treatment.

Focus of Treatment

The most important distinction between dry needling and acupuncture is the focus of treatment. This technique focuses more on the reduction or alleviation of pain. It also works to restore the function of a problematic body part. It does this by releasing myofascial trigger points.

Acupuncture focuses more on the “re-establishment” of the normal flow of life energy. It attempts to restore balance so that this life energy or Qi will move throughout the body in an uninterrupted manner. Unfortunately, this is where many people have trouble understanding. I cannot blame them. It is very difficult to imagine what Qi is or how a blockage in the flow of life energy can cause disease.

Dry Needling and Myofascial Trigger Points

Dry needling is more concerned about alleviating pain and restoring function of the affected muscle. It does this by addressing the source of pain – myofascial trigger points.

We know these “trigger points” as muscle knots. If you try to rub a certain muscle, you will notice a lump. The lump is the result of the muscle fibres not returning to their original, relaxed state after contraction. Because they remain in a contracted state, they also compress the nerves that supply the muscles. It also compresses the small blood vessels in the area.

This compression reduces the flow of blood to and from the affected muscle. Not only are the muscle fibres unable to receive nutrients and oxygen; they also cannot get rid of lactic acid in a more efficient way. This can also exacerbate the pain experience.

In addition to these effects, the other muscle fibres will also compensate by contracting. This forces the myofascial trigger point to grow and create more intense pain. That is why we often feel tenderness. It also becomes very painful to move this part of our body.

How the Technique Works

One can think of dry needling as controlled and purposeful bleeding. It uses the same sterile needles that acupuncturists use. It is important to ascertain the germfree state of the needles. Dry needling practitioners are very careful about introducing any microorganism into the patient’s body. That is why it is necessary that they use only sterilised needles.

As the needle gets inserted into the muscle fibre, it creates a miniature tissue injury. The destruction of the tissues will allow blood to leak into the area of the needle. The nutrients and oxygen in this pool of blood get absorbed into the tissues of the myofascial trigger point.

At the same time, the controlled tissue damage facilitates the more efficient removal of lactic acid. It also aids in the decompression of the area. This frees nerves and blood small vessels from the pressure exerted by the contracted muscle fibres.

It is for this reason that therapists who use the dry needling technique should have an excellent knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. This is very fundamental to the practise. They should know where to insert the needle.

This makes more sense than the meridians and life energy points used by Chinese acupuncturists. Of course, if you understand the different terms that acupuncturists use, then there should be no problem at all.

When You Should Use Dry Needling

Dry needling does not promise to improve your mood or to make your anxieties go away. What it does provide is pain relief. However, one has to understand that it only works if the cause of pain is due to a myofascial trigger point. If pain is due to another cause, then you should not use dry needling.

If the myofascial trigger point also creates problems in your mobility, then you can also use dry needling. This will help restore the normal movements of the joints.

The technique of dry needling is a lot easier to understand because it uses terms that we are already familiar with. There are no “energies” to talk about. Everything has a scientific basis as well. I hope this article helped demystify the process of dry needling. It is not the same as acupuncture.

Take Your Pick From The Best Exercise Bikes for Home Use

There are several exercise bikes available nowadays that one is often left overwhelmed and confused as to which one best fits personal use.

I’ve been in the same decision crossroad before when I decided to take my exercise sessions home.

Here, I’ll walk you through different kinds of exercise bikes to help you better decide which to purchase.

Recumbent Bikes

People buy exercise bikes for residential use for different reasons. In my case, I wanted to ensure continuous fitness sessions despite my busy schedule.

I want to run my fitness regimen at my own pace, within my own space. Recumbent bikes are the best buys for people who want less intense workouts that are equally effective.

Unlike upright bikes, recumbent bikes have reclined and wider seats. The pedals are placed in front to give anyone a total relaxed exercise experience.

Recumbent bikes may differ in size and seat materials; it’s important you try sitting on the recumbent bike before buying.

Also with this type, your body assumes a more natural sitting position. This helps reduce stress and pressure. Recumbent bikes are, therefore, advisable for the non-athletes or those with sensitive conditions.

The only downside to this, in my opinion, is the relatively bigger space required, so you must have a dedicated room for exercise. Also, they might be hard to move around.

Upright Bikes

I live a rather active lifestyle and so upright bikes are the perfect solution. Upright bikes don’t require much space because the seats are not reclined.

The smallest available runs about 22 inches in width and 32 inches in length. The biggest size possible is about 22.5 inches wide by 48 long. 

With upright bikes, the pedals are positioned under the body and the seats are much, much smaller. They are truly designed for faster, more intense cycling. These bikes are perfect for condominium dwellers with limited spaces.

Foldable Bikes

Thankfully, these days exercise bikes can be clipped in less time and stored easily in cabinets are available.

Some can even be carried in the office, so you can spin a few minutes during breaks. They’re quite durable, too.

Under-desk foldable bikes can carry weights of about 240 lbs. Find designs with comfortable seats and equipped with back support for more comfortable exercise sessions.

I’ve never bought one but I’ve heard about the multi-level tension resistance control mechanism of exercise bikes so you can vary your routines. Having personal exercise bikes can sometimes lead to boredom. It’d be perfect to invest in easy-to-use, easy-to-store bikes with multiple functionalities.

Assault Bikes

This bike type is what I have upgraded to recently. It’s the modern-day fan bike capable of burning tons of calories and mobilizes both arms and legs. I used to row back then, and plain indoor cycling doesn’t do the trick until I found assault bikes.

This type of exercise bike fits personal room perfectly and fits every user, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

The Assault Airbike I bought allowed instant customization with electronic controls and seat adjustments.

The construction was of high quality that it didn’t break even after continuous use unlike other brands. It did not wobble nor did the linkage arm break.

Assault bikes, as I’ve read in reviews, are considered the most powerful type of exercise bike with about 20 bearings.

Spin Bikes

While generally there are only two major exercise bike types – upright and recumbent, different variations still exist. Spin bikes look like upright bikes, only that they are equipped with weighted flywheels that add resistance to the cycling motion.

Spin bikes are perfect for busy bees who do not have the luxury of time to frequently visit their group spin class but are thirsty for challenging moves. Spinning focuses more on leg power, unlike assault bikes.

All these are the right bikes for personal use. The key to choosing is to figure out your fitness goal, your available space, and your body capacity.

Great Hair Days Thanks To Your Korean Hair Salon

If you love your hair and want to see how great it can look, then you should definitely try going to a Korean hairstylist.

Tons of people just believe that achieving perfect hair like those in the magazines is impossible, but this is not true.

Korean hair salons are the place you should go to if you want to have beautiful hair that never looks out of place.

In my younger years, I have always gone to local hairstylists because there were not many other choices out there. If you have thick and unruly hair as I do, then you would know the amount of time, money, and effort I have spent making it look great.

My mother, who always loved looking like she just stepped out of the salon, definitely drilled me into trying to make my hair more organized and neater. Any amount of frizz or strands out of place were avoided at all costs.

Lucky for me, Korean hairdressers moved in and set up shop here in Melbourne. Though the first one, Nara Hair Salon, has only been around for less than 10 years, it has become one of the most popular and trusted hair salons in the city.

The owner, Terry from Seoul, brought with him the passion and the innovation that we have unluckily been unaware of for many years.

Koreans put a lot of effort into having magazine-perfect hair every single day. This is why they have lots of products and services that ensure their hair is always impeccable.

But another important advantage to going to Nara Hair Salon is that they make sure that you would not have to spend hours every morning to achieve your desired look.

Their hair straightening or perm services will mean you do not have to put so much effort on your hair (who wants to and has the time to, anyway?).

Nara Hair Salon has grown to become the busiest Korean hair salon in Melbourne. You can check out the services they offer and make an appointment.

If you are not sure about what to do with your hair or simply want their professional stylist to decide what is best, then give them a call.

The website also lists its most popular services. Of course, haircuts are the most basic for all salons, but this does not mean that their cuts are not exceptional.

Korean hairstylists take the time and effort to cut layers that give your hair volume and life.

If you have ever been ripped off by substandard salons who just cut your hair for a few minutes and giving you a limp and lifeless hairstyle, then you will have the opposite experience at Nara Hair Salon.

Another popular service is getting your hair permed or if you prefer something less permanent, blow waves. Forget the extreme curls that do not look very natural, as

Nara’s hairstylists can give you a subtle wave that you can easily maintain. Beyond that, this kind of waves look lighter and make your hair look bouncy as you move. If your hair is too short, then getting some extensions is an option as well.

If you have thick and frizzy hair as I do, then their hair straightening service is one you will keep coming back for. This, along with hair coloring and highlights, are my usuals.

They have certainly maintained my favorite hairstyle for years, giving me a beautiful, tamed, and natural-looking hairstyle that requires very little maintenance on my part.

Lastly, you should also treat yourself to some of their hair treatments, especially if you regularly have your hair done. Koreans believe in nourishing both the scalp and the hair so that it shines naturally and it grows healthy.

You can say goodbye to split ends and dry scalp by booking these treatments. In short, an experienced Korean hair salon in Melbourne CBD is all you need to have your hair done for as long as you need to.

Take advantage of their techniques and passion for hair and you will never have a bad hair day ever again.

My Beauty Secret in a Blink

Being a career woman definitely has its perks. You do get the accolade and recognition for all of your best efforts. Unfortunately, there can be downsides, too especially if you’re the kind who clearly cannot do away with a regular visit to her favourite beauty salon. Taking time off to relax, unwind, and get that much-needed facial treatment can be especially difficult for full-time career women.

But to find even a few precious moments just to learn what’s new at the different beauty salons is something that I really have to do. I simply cannot last a week without learning of the newest service offerings as well as discounts that these establishments provide to their customers.

In my beauty-salon-hopping activities, I usually receive offers every Saturdays. As such, I always see to it that I drop by a beauty salon on Saturdays so I’ll get the chance to feel more womanly for the rest of the weekend.

About three weeks ago, I got the chance to visit a beauty clinic that was fast becoming the buzz in my office. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to get an appointment on that very day since they were already fully booked. Many of the clinic’s patrons usually set up appointments many days in advance. So I set up mine. This got me all excited and very raring to go and experience having the kind of treatment everyone’s talking about from this beauty clinic.

Now, I’m the type of person who is always early for everything. I hate making other people wait so I make sure that I arrive at the appointed time at least 30 minutes earlier. That’s exactly what I did on my appointment with the salon for a facial. This gave me enough time to check out the clinic, make myself comfy, and get acquainted with the staff as I know they’re the ones I should really be rubbing elbows with. They have most of the information I need to feel and look really great.

The clinic has a refreshing theme, much to my delight. The general sanitation and hygiene of the place is immaculate. The staff were always finding ways to entertain other clients in the clinic while waiting for their turn. They gave us the salon’s signature welcome drink. It wasn’t something that’s straight out of a Michelin-starred bar, but it is more than enough to make you feel at ease. I can safely say that their focus is more on making us feel comfortable about the whole process. And they are doing a really excellent job.

When it was my time to receive the facial, a good-looking beautician ushered me into the cubicle. She guided me onto the recliner until my head was comfortably placed on the headrest. I could see that all of the materials and tools needed for the facial were already prepared. That was a nice thought since I really would hate it if they were still preparing the materials when I am already raring to go.

She proceeded to explain to me what she was going to do. She also asked me if I have any concerns about the procedure so she can answer them right away and alleviate any anxieties that I may have. It was such a very different experience that someone would really go out of their way to make me really comfortable and relaxed before proceeding with the treatment.

Sadly I really couldn’t give you a blow-by-blow account of what transpired during the treatment session. The facial massage was that good that I actually dozed off. I was literally sent to slumber land in a matter of minutes. All I can ever recall is the beautician telling me to close my eyes and just feel the sensation of her fingers doing deep circular, sometimes longitudinal motions across my face. Little did I know that I’d be sleeping soon.

When it was over all I could feel was that the tight areas on my face were gone. I could sense that the treatment actually loosened up many of my muscle tissues, allowing me to make full use of them. There was only one thing I wished that day – I wished the beautician didn’t wake me up since I was already drifting in a very restful sleep.

The experience taught me that there are plenty of jewels out there just waiting to be discovered. Lucky for me, I discovered one true gem of a beauty clinic. Needless to say, I’m already looking forward to my next visit to this amazing place.

If you want to experience the same thing as I did, you may want to check out Beaute 2001 website.

When to Visit a Physiotherapist

There are injuries that can be treated at home. In fact, it would be impractical if you went to the doctor for every single injury you get. Wounds, minor pains, and swellings are kinds of damages on the body that you can treat yourself. However, there are also injuries that need professional advice and treatment for them to be healed. If you try to self-medicate, chances are that the injured body part might be more damaged.

An example of this kind of injury is a sprain. A sprain can either need or not need professional help depending on its level of injury. It can happen on your wrist or an ankle and this is pretty common to anyone even if they are not athletic. A sprain is a damage on the ligaments found between two bones (example: bones of the hand and the arm). The damage can either be a stretched, twisted, or even worse, a torn ligament. In my case, I twisted my ankle due to a bad step. It was as simple as that. I did not do anything wrong nor did I do any strenuous activity. I just had a bad step. 

The pain was terrible, like a level 3 type of sprain. Just to further explain, sprains have three levels gauging the kind of damage they have. Level 1 is when you have stretched ligaments. This can be caused by a bad step, fall, or a twist of the ligaments. Level 2 is when the ligament is somewhat torn. The tear is not that severe so it takes a relatively short time to recover. Level 3 is the most painful of them all as I have mentioned. It is also the most severe because the ligament is fully torn. If this is the case, you should consult a doctor immediately. The difference to my situation was that the pain was unbearable that seeing a physiotherapist at Wyndham Physio and Rehab was necessary.

Why Wyndham Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation? Aside from the fact that it is within the area I live in, it has been a trusted clinic for over 30 years. This family-owned physical therapy clinic and rehab area has a number of services that can surely help you in your recovery from any injury. Some of their services are pregnancy therapy, pilates training, nutrition guidance, and rehabilitation. Aside from this, their staff and professionals are also welcoming. As a patient there, I immediately felt the caring environment that urged their customers to recover. The clinic’s atmosphere along with the people there create encouragement to the customers. One of its newest renovations was an addition of a Physio Gym. This was made to have more facilities that can answer to the growing needs of their customers. 

When I went to inquire of possible physiotherapy sessions to speed up the healing process of my ankle, they gave me a long list of physiotherapy services. I did not know that they did a lot! Some of them are treatments for back and neck pain, correcting balance, and managing both spine and headache. The treatments they apply during physiotherapy vary from manual handling training to pilates. Moreover, they have services that aren’t actually focused on treating your injury. Some are focused on preventing certain injuries to take place. At Wyndham, they try to emphasize the importance of preventing injuries from occurring rather than just reacting to it when it gets there. 

Going back to my sprained ankle, I thought at first that it was under level 3. It was just the pain after all. When I got it checked, the doctor on-duty explained that it was only a level 1 sprain. Nonetheless, it was right to see a physiotherapist since the pain was excruciating. Since I was so bent on getting it healed, I enrolled in physiotherapy sessions. This decision was not entirely mine. Of course, I cannot just demand to have those sessions. The physical therapist advised that I avoid moving my ankle and put a cast on it. However, I could not afford to have this drag on for a longer time than usual. Luckily, the physical therapist agreed to give me sessions. My appointments focused on exercising my sprained ankle. There were times that the therapist massaged it to ease the pain. I was also taught exercises that I can do at home. 

Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation is a great clinic to go to when you are experiencing injuries. If they are near you, then I recommend that you go here right away. You can also reach them at (03) 9741 8268. 

Should you like more health-related articles such as this, click here to read more. Keeping up with good health is the best prevention tip to bear in mind. One good example is when you get to visit a physiotherapist for any pain problem encountered in your body.

I Considered Buying a Property Near a Hospital

Apartment Unit 2Buying a house is a major decision in life, most especially if one decides to reside there for long-term. There are many factors considered before one settles in a neighbourhood. The taxes, the neighbours, the community, the amenities – everything should be taken account of. House hunting was no easy task and this is what prompted me to visit the Chilli Realty Page. I realized that there’s no harm in asking professional advice from the experts so I can purchase the right property in the right locale. I admitted that I had no idea in buying estates and having a consultant who has been in the field can widen my prospects and choices. 

I preferred buying a house in this area since I plan to settle here with my family for as long as I live.  Of course I wanted a residence with the adequate accommodations and facilities, but I had a financial estimate to work with. With the help of my agent, I was able to find my dream home for an affordable price a discounted rate. It was very fortunate that they were affiliated with the developer of the house I was eyeing. It made the negotiations easier and the paying scheme less stifling for me and my husband. At first, it was difficult to narrow down our choices because of the many properties that appeal to our taste. Paying ocular visits with the realtor was definitely helpful in deciding what to acquire. Nonetheless, with a set budget and a list of preferences, we were able to communicate what we really wanted.

One of the determinants we had was the location. Some say that location is everything and it prove to be true. During one of the inspections, we were able to meet our future neighbours who were very welcoming and friendly. No one can deny the importance of good neighbours. One can talk about and relate to local issues and have someone to ask help from when domestic problems arise. Other than the amiable neighbours and secure environment, the accessibility of the area made us seal the deal. Personally, I loved the idea of the house being nestled just a few blocks away from the commercial districts. The park and the school will only take a five-minute walk from our place. Plus, the streets were consistently and perfectly lined with trees, which means it won’t be that hellish when walking under the sun. 

As a new and growing family, it was important to have a hospital near the neighbourhood. The convenience of the location was certainly one of the reasons why the estate value rose, but we didn’t dwell much on it knowing that the benefits would overshadow them. My family and I value a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. Knowing that there’s a hospital nearby is a big relief during emergencies and sicknesses. It shortens the travel time to visit the doctor and run to the emergency room in case of pregnancy and accidents. Being vulnerable to all these risks, we wanted to make sure that medications and ministrations would be within our reach in the future. 

But no matter how convenient our location is, residing near the hospital and health institutions has its downside too. First, we’ll be hearing the sirens all day and night. Since we are in close proximity to one of the best hospitals in town, ambulances will be going to and from the establishment. In due time, I believe we can get used to this though. Another problem is heavy traffic. Daily, the hospital accommodates hundreds to thousands of patients and guests, and most of them drive automobiles. Without enough car park buildings and spaces, double parking is evident in the surrounding streets. In some cases, people leave their cars in the homeowners’ driveways. Additionally, during rush hours, there is also an expected traffic and congestion. But these can be resolved by the community’s authorities in cooperation with the health establishment. 

When we brought this concern to the realtor, we continued to search for a residence that still had a reasonable distance from the hospital. I really found it important that we won’t have to spend so much time on the road to have regular check-ups, scheduled treatments, and unforeseen incidents. 

Overall, it is definitely worth it to invest at Chilli Realty. The agent handled our requests and transactions with mastery and professionalism. The realtor was trust-worthy and very accommodating, which made our house hunting delightful and less nerve-racking. This is how I purchased my humble abode.

Buying a house is no easy task, but with extensive research and partnering with the right realtor, you end up spending for a worthy investment. I do hope you find my story interesting and to read more topics such as this, just click here.

Essential Foods and Vitamins to Boost Energy

EnergyWhether you go for a walk, go shopping, attend a party or simply sit in front of the computer, you need energy. Without having the essential energy, you will feel tired, burnt out, sluggish and unable to perform well. Similar to charging your gadgets, you need vitamins to power up your body. The body needs lots of vitamins but are not able to produce in ample amounts. Vitamin deficiency can easily upset the metabolic reactions or internal balance of the body.

Eating healthy foods is one way of acquiring energy for the body. Sometimes, the body needs to take vitamin supplements to help boost energy even with a healthy diet. For example, those who are just recovering from an ailment, or for pregnant women. Considering that it is not always possible to get vitamins from your daily diet, the nutritional supplements play a main role in providing energy to your body. Thankfully, there are a variety of vitamins to help you obtain that much-needed energy.

At times, taking medications can come between the absorption of nutritional vitamins. In such a case, the intake of energy supplements has to be increased. Not enough vitamins are normally the result of poor eating habits, stress and alcoholism. Remember this to be able to avoid health problems. Take all these vitamins in moderation; do not consume any specific food just to get more energy.

Eggs, bananas and nuts are major energy-boosting foods which can easily be part of your diet. Some of the foods mentioned below are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, which also provide energy:

  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Whole Grains (milk, skim milk smoothies, low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese)
  • Dairy Product
  • Legumes
  • Non-vegan Foods (beef, fish, meat, chicken, lamb, pork, veal, turkey, shellfish)

The following are the top vitamins to take that boost, particularly if you have been feeling worn out:

Vitamin B

It is the most vital source for the use and production of energy. Every one of the vitamins that belong in the group, is essential to avoid weakness and to energize the body:

Vitamin B1 – It is also referred to as thiamin, which improves the immune system of the body so that the nervous system and the brain can perform more efficiently. It is also necessary for metabolizing food properly in the body that gets the energy for all the work.

Vitamin B2 – It is commonly known as riboflavin, which is essential for the energy production by way of chemical reactions. People who are lacking in riboflavin usually feel tired and sluggish.

Vitamin B3 – This is also called niacin that treats high cholesterol, which is the reason for the decrease of the energy of the individual.

Vitamin B5 – This vitamin is also called pantothenic acid that works in strengthening the defense mechanism of the body. If you are ill, your body needs lots of energy in order to combat sickness. It helps your body to store energy by strengthening the immune system.

Vitamin B6 – It is also referred to as pyridoxine, which helps protect the arteries. Without the right circulation of blood, the cells will be unable to make enough energy for the system to get plenty of oxygen in order to meet the energy requirements.

Vitamin B9 – It is also called as folic acid, which plays a crucial role in the development of the red blood cells that are essential to maintain levels of energy.

Vitamin B12 – This one is also referred to as cyanocobalamin, which has a huge role in absorbing foods, contributing to the replenishment of energy.

Biotin is another important vitamin source for energy, as it provides both protein and fat metabolism that helps in converting food into energy.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another source of energy. It works on the cellular functionality in the body, by it making it sure that if any damage is brought on throughout the day, it repairs that damage whenever you sleep or rest. The body would have difficulty performing at its full capacity without vitamin C. Moreover. It sends the chemicals to the mitochondria in the cell, and thus promoting the energy production needed by the body.

Other Supplements for Energy


Iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Iron also supplies oxygen-transporting pigment in the blood that is commonly called hemoglobin, giving energy to your body. The majority of people require about 15 mg of iron every day. Iron is one of the most ideal sources of energy for women.


Magnesium is responsible for body functions such as in muscle health, absorption of calcium, and in the production of red blood cells. Magnesium gives the body cells with more fuel that are useful for energy production.

Generally speaking, it is best to get vitamins from food sources and it is advisable to take vitamin supplements after consulting with your physician.

4 Top Health and Life Benefits of Playing the Drums

drum lessonsUnlike other instruments such as the violin, playing the drums does not require advanced knowledge and physical abilities. It does not even require interested individuals to have an understanding of music theories or to be able to read notes. Drumming is not a thing of the modern era. It has been a part of human life and transcends age, gender, nationality and race.

Aside from its cultural significance, drumming is known to have numerous health benefits, which in effect improve a person’s outlook and life. According to Oliver Sacks, a renowned neurologist, every human being has the capacity to perceive harmony, intervals, melodic contours, music, pitch, rhythm, timbre and tones. So, whenever we play instruments such as drums, we integrate all these elements, which enable many parts of the brain to work and create a music that we want. When this happens, we experience an emotional reaction that is so profound, which in effect improves our overall physical health. You can look for Top Melbourne drum lessons – Red Drum Music to start enjoying the benefits.

Below are the ways by which drumming can improve your health and life in general.

Boosts the immune system.

In general, playing the drums does not only help the immune system in a little way. It actually enables it to create certain mechanisms that will fight certain things harmful to the body. There have been numerous researches and studies that prove this. One example is Barry Bittman’s discovery. He is a renowned neurologist who worked with his research team about a drumming approach that is group specific. They called it HealthRHYTHMS protocol, which they claim to help circulating white blood cells to be stronger in fighting diseases. They also found out that the natural killer cells become more functional in destroying virally infected cells and cancer cells.

Dr. Bittman explained that to create illness-killing cells, it is necessary to organize a group drumming activity. The collective effort to play drums tunes the human biological body. Then it orchestrates the immune system and starts the healing or disease killing process. 

Works out the body.

If you’re looking for a fun and enjoyable workout routine, then drumming is one of the options you must really try. Playing the drums require the use of your hands and feet. It also requires the use of your brain to coordinate things and music elements such as rhythm. Though it can be classified as an overall fitness work, which means it involves physical, mental and emotional aspects, it is still a great exercise to workout the different muscle groups of the body. According to Nick Headon, former drummer for The Clash, drumming is a physical activity that stimulates the different parts of the brain. It keeps the four limbs to do different tasks all at the same time.

Develops intellect.

According to Howard Russell, a clinical psychology, the human brain is locked in a way that its function is limited to a certain level. Well, this is true for many of us. However, he added that this could be changed. When it is easy to slow down or speed up the brainwave activity, then the brain would level up its functioning. There have been several research works done for this. One example is the Stanford University’s research on Attention Deficit Disorder individuals who were subjected to rhythmic music activity. They are middle-school boys who played drums for 20 minutes. The results showed that the students have improved their concentration and gained a boost in IQ scores.

Combats depression, neurological conditions, and stress.

Nowadays, people always get stress from numerous sources. We know that too much stress is one main factor for other life threatening diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. In his research, Dr. Bittman shared that playing the drums helps people to relax, which consequently reduces stress and even lowers blood pressure. When hitting the drums, people are like letting go of the stresses and other negative feelings.  

With these benefits, it seems that acquiring drums or other alternatives is a wise decision. The drum kit is the most common and famous form. However, there are other options that can be considered. These are tablas, xylophones, tom-toms, wood blocks, congas and tambourines.

Drumming and Its Benefits to Health

Drumming is a fun activity that also brings various health benefits. Health experts and past research studies claim that drumming is an excellent form of stress reliever. It increases coordination and flexibility, improves posture, and is a great stimulus to enhance cognitive function. Lastly, playing drums can be a form of physical exercise.

To understand further how drumming can improve health, here are the facts:

Physical Health

Drumming is a vigorous activity that reinforces the function of the cardiovascular system. Following a long drumming session, you will feel as if you have spent time working out. A prolonged cardiovascular exercise can help release endorphins, or the “feel good” hormones in the body.  Playing the drums requires the use of the upper limbs and lower limbs in order to create sound. When these parts of the body are at work, it can be perceived as a physical exercise which therefore strengthens the muscles and they become stronger.

Weight Loss

Sports scientists from Gloucestershire University posit that drummers can be compared to sportsmen in terms of physical ability. By playing drums, you can actually burn 400 to 600 calories. This will also increase the heart rate by 190 beats per minute.  Overweight individuals who dislike working out can choose drumming as an alternative for weigh loss. Without any knowledge, it is easy to learn to play drum. Through drum lessons, you can learn the skills well and at the same enjoy the opportunity of shedding some pounds.

Cognitive Aspect

A lot of drummers clear their minds and release frustration, anger, and accumulated energy by playing drums. Drumming is found to be an excellent technique to de-stress and relax. It can also decrease anxiety and increase self-esteem. Playing drums is beneficial in reducing work fatigue and improving mood. Since drumming is about memorizing beats and rhythms, it can improve memory and boost the totality of mental health.

Concentration and Focus

Playing drums makes use of diverse thought processes. It also involves the different parts of the brain that are not utilized during other activities. The endorphins released from the brain help in improving focus and concentration for long periods, even after the drumming session is over. Playing drums can also boost self-confidence and help the mind in establishing achievable goals. Hence, playing drums is recommended for individuals with ADD or those who are on the autistic range.

Anger Management

Playing drums is beneficial in helping people recognize their emotions particularly those that trigger anger, and boost their awareness of the situations and emotions that can worsen them. If an emotion or situation is shown in music, the healthy choice for stating that emotion can be settled and problem solving as well as conflict resolution can be exercised in an optimistic manner. Drumming is likewise utilized by therapists to aid patients in properly venting emotions and anger. Drumming can also be a non-verbal form of communication in which the capacity to listen to the drumming is required to communicate on the drums. Playing drums can reverse the impact of stress especially at the molecular level.

Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

In a study conducted by Clair et al. in 1995, it was revealed that patients with Alzheimer’s and who have the ability to play drums can better connect with their families. The consistency of musicality may give tedious reactions to the system that make a couple of cognitive demands on individuals with dementia. Although drumming is not a specific cure, it can help alleviate the progression of the disease.

Treating Parkinson’s

Rhythm cues can assist in retraining the cerebrum following a stroke or other neurological disability. In a research conducted by Michael Thaurt from the University’s Center of Biomedical Research in Music, it was shown that the beat of the drums can moderate rhythms and aids patients with Parkinson’s disease to move consistently. 

Playing drums is an activity that delivers several health benefits. A lot of music schools offer drum lessons at very affordable costs. Try enrolling in this kind of program and you will experience not just fun but also an improved sense of well-being. Drumming is for all ages and it only takes is to enroll in a music school in order to take the first step. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensionsEyelash extensions have boomed a lot today that they have captured the fashion industry by storm. It seems that every celebrity won’t appear on TV without those long beautiful eyelashes on. Obviously, additional lashes make a huge difference on the face, making it livelier and lovelier. If it is your first time to hear about eyelash extensions, it would be nice to give Rakis – expert in lash extensions a try. But before entering the salon, here are some things you should know about having eyelash extensions.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are strands of artificial eyelashes which are usually made of synthetic material. They are longer and thicker than natural eyelashes and are individually glued in between natural lashes using a special agent to give a beautiful, natural and luscious look on face particularly the eye area. Eyelash extensions are perfect add-ons to any special occasion or even ordinary day-to-day wear. They are generally weightless that you can wear them permanently without damaging the other natural lashes.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Eyelash extensions are applied on your natural eyelashes individually with a non-toxic bonding agent specially designed for eyelash extensions. The application technique is not harmful at all because the strands won’t touch the skin but just the natural eyelashes. When the adhesive dries up, you can enjoy the normal movements of your eye.

How Long Does it Take for Eyelash Extensions to be Done?

The entire process of application normally takes two hours as performed by an experienced esthetician. You will lay comfortably on a lounge chair with your eyes closed. Before the eyelash extensions are bonded, the esthetician will clean the lashes thoroughly using a special solution that will take off any makeup or oil residue from the natural lashes. An under eye gel pad is placed on the lower lashes of eye. Synthetic strands are then glued individually in between each natural eyelashes followed by a gently combing to ensure all the lashes won’t tangle. The same process takes place when refilling however completion time takes a shorter period.

How Long Will a Set of Eyelash Extensions Last?

The span of having eyelashes differs from one person to another depending on their lifestyle. When applied correctly, eyelash extensions can last three to four months. Overall, touchups take place anywhere between two to three weeks. Take note that falling lashes is just a normal thing, hence you can visit your salon and ask your esthetician to refill on the missing parts. In order of eyelash extensions to last longer, practice the habit of being extra-careful by not rubbing your eyes.

Can I Apply Mascara after Having Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions appear to be long and dark in color which actually gives the illusion that you are wearing mascara on it. Hence, it is not required. If, however, you would want to wear one, water-based mascara is recommended. Avoid using waterproof mascara for this will only damage the eyelashes. Care is also needed when washing off the mascara. Use a gentle facial cleanser to clean the face and the eye area. Also, wear mascara only when the eyelash extensions have completely dried after bonding.

Can I Exercise, Shower, Swim or Visit a Spa While Wearing Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you can do all these activities as long as the eyelash extensions have dried up completely. Give it approximately two days and then you can do the normal daily routine and other hobbies. The bonding agent used is durable yet non-toxic that you can enjoy swimming, exercising and other activities that necessitates getting wet. Special care is still required when doing all these. Don’t wipe your face rigorously with a towel, instead pat the towel lightly and gently.

Can I Use Eyelash Curlers?

Eyelash curlers are no longer recommended because the extensions alone are already long and curled upwards. The use mechanical eyelash curlers will only damage the extensions and even the other natural lashes. Any occurrence of damage on the eyelashes can possibly affect the eyes therefore, avoid any eyelash perming device.

Are Eyelashes Suitable for Everyone?

Eyelashes are suitable for everyone as long as you are at the right age to wear makeup and as long as there are natural lashes to glue the extensions onto. The exceptions are – ladies who have an eye infection or have just undergone eye surgery. Also, eyelash extensions is not for you if you are the type of person who keeps on rubbing the eye.


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