Take Your Pick From The Best Exercise Bikes for Home Use

There are several exercise bikes available nowadays that one is often left overwhelmed and confused as to which one best fits personal use.

I’ve been in the same decision crossroad before when I decided to take my exercise sessions home.

Here, I’ll walk you through different kinds of exercise bikes to help you better decide which to purchase.

Recumbent Bikes

People buy exercise bikes for residential use for different reasons. In my case, I wanted to ensure continuous fitness sessions despite my busy schedule.

I want to run my fitness regimen at my own pace, within my own space. Recumbent bikes are the best buys for people who want less intense workouts that are equally effective.

Unlike upright bikes, recumbent bikes have reclined and wider seats. The pedals are placed in front to give anyone a total relaxed exercise experience.

Recumbent bikes may differ in size and seat materials; it’s important you try sitting on the recumbent bike before buying.

Also with this type, your body assumes a more natural sitting position. This helps reduce stress and pressure. Recumbent bikes are, therefore, advisable for the non-athletes or those with sensitive conditions.

The only downside to this, in my opinion, is the relatively bigger space required, so you must have a dedicated room for exercise. Also, they might be hard to move around.

Upright Bikes

I live a rather active lifestyle and so upright bikes are the perfect solution. Upright bikes don’t require much space because the seats are not reclined.

The smallest available runs about 22 inches in width and 32 inches in length. The biggest size possible is about 22.5 inches wide by 48 long. 

With upright bikes, the pedals are positioned under the body and the seats are much, much smaller. They are truly designed for faster, more intense cycling. These bikes are perfect for condominium dwellers with limited spaces.

Foldable Bikes

Thankfully, these days exercise bikes can be clipped in less time and stored easily in cabinets are available.

Some can even be carried in the office, so you can spin a few minutes during breaks. They’re quite durable, too.

Under-desk foldable bikes can carry weights of about 240 lbs. Find designs with comfortable seats and equipped with back support for more comfortable exercise sessions.

I’ve never bought one but I’ve heard about the multi-level tension resistance control mechanism of exercise bikes so you can vary your routines. Having personal exercise bikes can sometimes lead to boredom. It’d be perfect to invest in easy-to-use, easy-to-store bikes with multiple functionalities.

Assault Bikes

This bike type is what I have upgraded to recently. It’s the modern-day fan bike capable of burning tons of calories and mobilizes both arms and legs. I used to row back then, and plain indoor cycling doesn’t do the trick until I found assault bikes.

This type of exercise bike fits personal room perfectly and fits every user, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

The Assault Airbike I bought allowed instant customization with electronic controls and seat adjustments.

The construction was of high quality that it didn’t break even after continuous use unlike other brands. It did not wobble nor did the linkage arm break.

Assault bikes, as I’ve read in reviews, are considered the most powerful type of exercise bike with about 20 bearings.

Spin Bikes

While generally there are only two major exercise bike types – upright and recumbent, different variations still exist. Spin bikes look like upright bikes, only that they are equipped with weighted flywheels that add resistance to the cycling motion.

Spin bikes are perfect for busy bees who do not have the luxury of time to frequently visit their group spin class but are thirsty for challenging moves. Spinning focuses more on leg power, unlike assault bikes.

All these are the right bikes for personal use. The key to choosing is to figure out your fitness goal, your available space, and your body capacity.

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