When to Visit a Physiotherapist

There are injuries that can be treated at home. In fact, it would be impractical if you went to the doctor for every single injury you get. Wounds, minor pains, and swellings are kinds of damages on the body that you can treat yourself. However, there are also injuries that need professional advice and treatment for them to be healed. If you try to self-medicate, chances are that the injured body part might be more damaged.

An example of this kind of injury is a sprain. A sprain can either need or not need professional help depending on its level of injury. It can happen on your wrist or an ankle and this is pretty common to anyone even if they are not athletic. A sprain is a damage on the ligaments found between two bones (example: bones of the hand and the arm). The damage can either be a stretched, twisted, or even worse, a torn ligament. In my case, I twisted my ankle due to a bad step. It was as simple as that. I did not do anything wrong nor did I do any strenuous activity. I just had a bad step. 

The pain was terrible, like a level 3 type of sprain. Just to further explain, sprains have three levels gauging the kind of damage they have. Level 1 is when you have stretched ligaments. This can be caused by a bad step, fall, or a twist of the ligaments. Level 2 is when the ligament is somewhat torn. The tear is not that severe so it takes a relatively short time to recover. Level 3 is the most painful of them all as I have mentioned. It is also the most severe because the ligament is fully torn. If this is the case, you should consult a doctor immediately. The difference to my situation was that the pain was unbearable that seeing a physiotherapist at Wyndham Physio and Rehab was necessary.

Why Wyndham Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation? Aside from the fact that it is within the area I live in, it has been a trusted clinic for over 30 years. This family-owned physical therapy clinic and rehab area has a number of services that can surely help you in your recovery from any injury. Some of their services are pregnancy therapy, pilates training, nutrition guidance, and rehabilitation. Aside from this, their staff and professionals are also welcoming. As a patient there, I immediately felt the caring environment that urged their customers to recover. The clinic’s atmosphere along with the people there create encouragement to the customers. One of its newest renovations was an addition of a Physio Gym. This was made to have more facilities that can answer to the growing needs of their customers. 

When I went to inquire of possible physiotherapy sessions to speed up the healing process of my ankle, they gave me a long list of physiotherapy services. I did not know that they did a lot! Some of them are treatments for back and neck pain, correcting balance, and managing both spine and headache. The treatments they apply during physiotherapy vary from manual handling training to pilates. Moreover, they have services that aren’t actually focused on treating your injury. Some are focused on preventing certain injuries to take place. At Wyndham, they try to emphasize the importance of preventing injuries from occurring rather than just reacting to it when it gets there. 

Going back to my sprained ankle, I thought at first that it was under level 3. It was just the pain after all. When I got it checked, the doctor on-duty explained that it was only a level 1 sprain. Nonetheless, it was right to see a physiotherapist since the pain was excruciating. Since I was so bent on getting it healed, I enrolled in physiotherapy sessions. This decision was not entirely mine. Of course, I cannot just demand to have those sessions. The physical therapist advised that I avoid moving my ankle and put a cast on it. However, I could not afford to have this drag on for a longer time than usual. Luckily, the physical therapist agreed to give me sessions. My appointments focused on exercising my sprained ankle. There were times that the therapist massaged it to ease the pain. I was also taught exercises that I can do at home. 

Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation is a great clinic to go to when you are experiencing injuries. If they are near you, then I recommend that you go here right away. You can also reach them at (03) 9741 8268. 

Should you like more health-related articles such as this, click here to read more. Keeping up with good health is the best prevention tip to bear in mind. One good example is when you get to visit a physiotherapist for any pain problem encountered in your body.

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