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Oily skin is the consequence of over active sebaceous glands. A material called sebum is secreted by these glands, generally it’s a wholesome natural lubricant for the skin however it results in oily skin when it’s secreted in extra. It makes the skin becomes thick, shiny and dull. Greasy skin has other face blemishes, pimples and rough pores. Notice that greasy skin isn’t always awful as this skin is not as prone to wrinkling and other aging indications as well as the oil helps to keep needed moisture locked in the skin’s outermost layer.

Greasy skin may also result from other things including pregnancy, birth control pills, imbalanced or high hormone levels and changes, diets, makeup we use, and extremely hot weather and so forth. Greasy skin is not unusual in adolescents due to hormonal shifts of adolescence. However, additionally, it may happen at any age yet greasy skin has a great benefit of aging than other skin types.

Greasy skin could be cared for in so many ways: get an excellent face cleanser or soap not unpleasant or hefty ones, use softly medicated soaps, and do not use cleansers that contain alcohol or artificial additives, additionally attempt antibacterial cleaning lotions and consistently apply a natural oil free moisturizer to keep skin soft. The greasy skin also needs specific cleansing day and night with lots of mild soap and warm water to prevent clogged pores, dryness and promotes products that are unpleasant strips the skin from oils and skin can be caused by this to begin shrinking or wrinkling. Always remember to moisturize the skin after cleansing with oil free moisturizers to keep a supple and shine free complexion.

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