Drumming and Its Benefits to Health

Drumming is a fun activity that also brings various health benefits. Health experts and past research studies claim that drumming is an excellent form of stress reliever. It increases coordination and flexibility, improves posture, and is a great stimulus to enhance cognitive function. Lastly, playing drums can be a form of physical exercise.

To understand further how drumming can improve health, here are the facts:

Physical Health

Drumming is a vigorous activity that reinforces the function of the cardiovascular system. Following a long drumming session, you will feel as if you have spent time working out. A prolonged cardiovascular exercise can help release endorphins, or the “feel good” hormones in the body.  Playing the drums requires the use of the upper limbs and lower limbs in order to create sound. When these parts of the body are at work, it can be perceived as a physical exercise which therefore strengthens the muscles and they become stronger.

Weight Loss

Sports scientists from Gloucestershire University posit that drummers can be compared to sportsmen in terms of physical ability. By playing drums, you can actually burn 400 to 600 calories. This will also increase the heart rate by 190 beats per minute.  Overweight individuals who dislike working out can choose drumming as an alternative for weigh loss. Without any knowledge, it is easy to learn to play drum. Through drum lessons, you can learn the skills well and at the same enjoy the opportunity of shedding some pounds.

Cognitive Aspect

A lot of drummers clear their minds and release frustration, anger, and accumulated energy by playing drums. Drumming is found to be an excellent technique to de-stress and relax. It can also decrease anxiety and increase self-esteem. Playing drums is beneficial in reducing work fatigue and improving mood. Since drumming is about memorizing beats and rhythms, it can improve memory and boost the totality of mental health.

Concentration and Focus

Playing drums makes use of diverse thought processes. It also involves the different parts of the brain that are not utilized during other activities. The endorphins released from the brain help in improving focus and concentration for long periods, even after the drumming session is over. Playing drums can also boost self-confidence and help the mind in establishing achievable goals. Hence, playing drums is recommended for individuals with ADD or those who are on the autistic range.

Anger Management

Playing drums is beneficial in helping people recognize their emotions particularly those that trigger anger, and boost their awareness of the situations and emotions that can worsen them. If an emotion or situation is shown in music, the healthy choice for stating that emotion can be settled and problem solving as well as conflict resolution can be exercised in an optimistic manner. Drumming is likewise utilized by therapists to aid patients in properly venting emotions and anger. Drumming can also be a non-verbal form of communication in which the capacity to listen to the drumming is required to communicate on the drums. Playing drums can reverse the impact of stress especially at the molecular level.

Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

In a study conducted by Clair et al. in 1995, it was revealed that patients with Alzheimer’s and who have the ability to play drums can better connect with their families. The consistency of musicality may give tedious reactions to the system that make a couple of cognitive demands on individuals with dementia. Although drumming is not a specific cure, it can help alleviate the progression of the disease.

Treating Parkinson’s

Rhythm cues can assist in retraining the cerebrum following a stroke or other neurological disability. In a research conducted by Michael Thaurt from the University’s Center of Biomedical Research in Music, it was shown that the beat of the drums can moderate rhythms and aids patients with Parkinson’s disease to move consistently. 

Playing drums is an activity that delivers several health benefits. A lot of music schools offer drum lessons at very affordable costs. Try enrolling in this kind of program and you will experience not just fun but also an improved sense of well-being. Drumming is for all ages and it only takes is to enroll in a music school in order to take the first step. 

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