My Beauty Secret in a Blink

Being a career woman definitely has its perks. You do get the accolade and recognition for all of your best efforts. Unfortunately, there can be downsides, too especially if you’re the kind who clearly cannot do away with a regular visit to her favourite beauty salon. Taking time off to relax, unwind, and get that much-needed facial treatment can be especially difficult for full-time career women.

But to find even a few precious moments just to learn what’s new at the different beauty salons is something that I really have to do. I simply cannot last a week without learning of the newest service offerings as well as discounts that these establishments provide to their customers.

In my beauty-salon-hopping activities, I usually receive offers every Saturdays. As such, I always see to it that I drop by a beauty salon on Saturdays so I’ll get the chance to feel more womanly for the rest of the weekend.

About three weeks ago, I got the chance to visit a beauty clinic that was fast becoming the buzz in my office. Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to get an appointment on that very day since they were already fully booked. Many of the clinic’s patrons usually set up appointments many days in advance. So I set up mine. This got me all excited and very raring to go and experience having the kind of treatment everyone’s talking about from this beauty clinic.

Now, I’m the type of person who is always early for everything. I hate making other people wait so I make sure that I arrive at the appointed time at least 30 minutes earlier. That’s exactly what I did on my appointment with the salon for a facial. This gave me enough time to check out the clinic, make myself comfy, and get acquainted with the staff as I know they’re the ones I should really be rubbing elbows with. They have most of the information I need to feel and look really great.

The clinic has a refreshing theme, much to my delight. The general sanitation and hygiene of the place is immaculate. The staff were always finding ways to entertain other clients in the clinic while waiting for their turn. They gave us the salon’s signature welcome drink. It wasn’t something that’s straight out of a Michelin-starred bar, but it is more than enough to make you feel at ease. I can safely say that their focus is more on making us feel comfortable about the whole process. And they are doing a really excellent job.

When it was my time to receive the facial, a good-looking beautician ushered me into the cubicle. She guided me onto the recliner until my head was comfortably placed on the headrest. I could see that all of the materials and tools needed for the facial were already prepared. That was a nice thought since I really would hate it if they were still preparing the materials when I am already raring to go.

She proceeded to explain to me what she was going to do. She also asked me if I have any concerns about the procedure so she can answer them right away and alleviate any anxieties that I may have. It was such a very different experience that someone would really go out of their way to make me really comfortable and relaxed before proceeding with the treatment.

Sadly I really couldn’t give you a blow-by-blow account of what transpired during the treatment session. The facial massage was that good that I actually dozed off. I was literally sent to slumber land in a matter of minutes. All I can ever recall is the beautician telling me to close my eyes and just feel the sensation of her fingers doing deep circular, sometimes longitudinal motions across my face. Little did I know that I’d be sleeping soon.

When it was over all I could feel was that the tight areas on my face were gone. I could sense that the treatment actually loosened up many of my muscle tissues, allowing me to make full use of them. There was only one thing I wished that day – I wished the beautician didn’t wake me up since I was already drifting in a very restful sleep.

The experience taught me that there are plenty of jewels out there just waiting to be discovered. Lucky for me, I discovered one true gem of a beauty clinic. Needless to say, I’m already looking forward to my next visit to this amazing place.

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