I Considered Buying a Property Near a Hospital

Apartment Unit 2Buying a house is a major decision in life, most especially if one decides to reside there for long-term. There are many factors considered before one settles in a neighbourhood. The taxes, the neighbours, the community, the amenities – everything should be taken account of. House hunting was no easy task and this is what prompted me to visit the Chilli Realty Page. I realized that there’s no harm in asking professional advice from the experts so I can purchase the right property in the right locale. I admitted that I had no idea in buying estates and having a consultant who has been in the field can widen my prospects and choices. 

I preferred buying a house in this area since I plan to settle here with my family for as long as I live.  Of course I wanted a residence with the adequate accommodations and facilities, but I had a financial estimate to work with. With the help of my agent, I was able to find my dream home for an affordable price a discounted rate. It was very fortunate that they were affiliated with the developer of the house I was eyeing. It made the negotiations easier and the paying scheme less stifling for me and my husband. At first, it was difficult to narrow down our choices because of the many properties that appeal to our taste. Paying ocular visits with the realtor was definitely helpful in deciding what to acquire. Nonetheless, with a set budget and a list of preferences, we were able to communicate what we really wanted.

One of the determinants we had was the location. Some say that location is everything and it prove to be true. During one of the inspections, we were able to meet our future neighbours who were very welcoming and friendly. No one can deny the importance of good neighbours. One can talk about and relate to local issues and have someone to ask help from when domestic problems arise. Other than the amiable neighbours and secure environment, the accessibility of the area made us seal the deal. Personally, I loved the idea of the house being nestled just a few blocks away from the commercial districts. The park and the school will only take a five-minute walk from our place. Plus, the streets were consistently and perfectly lined with trees, which means it won’t be that hellish when walking under the sun. 

As a new and growing family, it was important to have a hospital near the neighbourhood. The convenience of the location was certainly one of the reasons why the estate value rose, but we didn’t dwell much on it knowing that the benefits would overshadow them. My family and I value a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness. Knowing that there’s a hospital nearby is a big relief during emergencies and sicknesses. It shortens the travel time to visit the doctor and run to the emergency room in case of pregnancy and accidents. Being vulnerable to all these risks, we wanted to make sure that medications and ministrations would be within our reach in the future. 

But no matter how convenient our location is, residing near the hospital and health institutions has its downside too. First, we’ll be hearing the sirens all day and night. Since we are in close proximity to one of the best hospitals in town, ambulances will be going to and from the establishment. In due time, I believe we can get used to this though. Another problem is heavy traffic. Daily, the hospital accommodates hundreds to thousands of patients and guests, and most of them drive automobiles. Without enough car park buildings and spaces, double parking is evident in the surrounding streets. In some cases, people leave their cars in the homeowners’ driveways. Additionally, during rush hours, there is also an expected traffic and congestion. But these can be resolved by the community’s authorities in cooperation with the health establishment. 

When we brought this concern to the realtor, we continued to search for a residence that still had a reasonable distance from the hospital. I really found it important that we won’t have to spend so much time on the road to have regular check-ups, scheduled treatments, and unforeseen incidents. 

Overall, it is definitely worth it to invest at Chilli Realty. The agent handled our requests and transactions with mastery and professionalism. The realtor was trust-worthy and very accommodating, which made our house hunting delightful and less nerve-racking. This is how I purchased my humble abode.

Buying a house is no easy task, but with extensive research and partnering with the right realtor, you end up spending for a worthy investment. I do hope you find my story interesting and to read more topics such as this, just click here.